Maintaining the security of consumer data is of utmost importance to Graphite Payments. Due to security breaches at major processors over the last few years, the major credit card associations and debit networks have created a set of security standards called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS). These regulations detail security requirements for merchants and merchant service providers intended to prevent security vulnerabilities and protect payment information. Graphite Payments has embraced these measures and taken a proactive approach to these guidelines in order to provide the highest level of security for your payment information.

Although Graphite Payments is fully compliant, there is also significant responsibility on the side of the merchant to ensure the security of consumer data. We have created this website to emphasize the importance of compliance and to provide the best possible resources for our merchants. It provides:

Non-Compliance Waiver 
In addition to the resources and benefits listed above, Graphite Payments will waive the merchant’s obligation to pay up to $50,000 worth of non-compliance related fines, levy’s, and assessments incurred as a result of the merchant’s non-compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI-DSS”) requirements. Only merchants active with Graphite Payments in the six months prior to the fine will be eligible for this $50,000 waiver. The merchant must have also been certified compliant within one year of the notice of non-compliance. Additionally, the merchant must submit a certification form and notice of non-compliance within one month of being notified that they are non-compliant. Please note that this is a non-compliance waiver, not breach reimbursement. We are not reimbursing any funds but are waiving our right to collect any fines from the merchant.